Sustainability & HSU LONDON studio practices

Sustainability  & HSU LONDON studio practices

From 2016, we have set up our precious metal recycle system to reduce the first time mining. Our sustainable practice is starting from how we design our jewellery. We believe a good design and design process will lead to a successful product which is benefit to our customer and the environment. At HSU London, we make each piece of jewellery in-studio. Our unique jewellery design and production minimise the amount of waste, heat and dust in the process. For the freshwater pearl and gem stone, we source from the most reliable ethical suppliers in London, and we hand pick each pearl and gem stone to fine the perfect match to our jewellery.

At HSU London, we deign and made functional and practical jewellery which makes our customer feel comfortable and confidence to wear it in many occasions and everyday. Therefore, our jewellery is hardly sitting in the jewellery box and often be seen wore for years from our returning customers.